dashdit is a professional tool for artists to manage their work, it's free, secure and accessed via the web. Read more, or simply provide us with your email address to sign up to the beta:

Professional practice

dashdit makes it easy to create and share records of artworks you've made or own in order to streamline your professional working practice. Whether you simply want to track what you've sold, what's available, let your photographer upload a high res image, promote yourself by sharing your work, or create a catalogue raisonné, dashdit is designed for you.

Your dashdit account, and the records you create, are private to you and highly secure. But you can also choose to share records with others by email, or publish them to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Professional sharing features also include giving others editing rights for any aspect of an artwork record.

You can store as many high resolution images as you wish and instantly download scaled versions of these in a variety of common formats.

And dashdit is free. There is no monthly subscription or payment required of any kind. Going forward dashdit will seek to cover costs through optional paid-for features that suit professional users. But our primary concern is providing a free way for artists to keep quality professional records of their work.

How it works

dashdit allows you make a simple alias of an artwork. You can very quickly create a record: simply note down the name, the specifications, add an image, and the copyright and ownership are assigned to you by default but can be easily altered.

You then have a permanent private URL for this artwork, but can share this with others by email, or publish it with a single click to a social media account (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn). A buyer can also share in this record of the artwork which gives them a formal record of owning the work.

Everything is maintained securely on the web and so you can access your account from anywhere in the world. And it's fast too as we use a global content delivery network to make sure that we don't slow you up.