General information

Currently dashdit is in private Beta and we are limiting the number of new users. This helps us to grow the service sensibly with the most valuable features that our users tell us work for them.

You can register your interest in an account either on the homepage or by contacting us at: [email protected] and we'll include you as soon as we can and keep you up to date by email.

You can also follow us on facebook and Twitter    


dashdit is a web service available at and is compatible with modern up-to-date web browsers. The following browsers are tested to be compatible with dashdit, for which we support the current and previous versions:

dashdit aims to improve on existing software and hence we are making use of the latest capability in these browsers. For this reason older browsers that may have problems providing the full security and functionality of dashdit are not supported.

Touch devices are not currently supported. We appreciate this is important and it is planned.